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Inflatable Games/Concession Rentals

Event Crashers offers inflatable games/concession rentals which are great additions for your special event!

Axe Throw_edited.jpg

Dual Lane Skeeball $250

A little competition never hurt anyone! Play against each other to see who has the best aim. This game is perfect for all ages!

Circuits needed: 1

Item Dimensions: 7'W X 10'L X 7'H

Space Needed: 10' X 15'

Pro Kick Soccer $250

Kick a soccer ball at targets to test your accuracy! Perfect game for the soccer lovers out there!

Circuits needed: 1

Item Dimensions: 10'W X 6'L X 7'H

Space Needed: 12' X 15'

Hoops Connect 4 $250

This interactive game is the perfect mix of hand eye coordination and fun. Shoot mini basketballs in the right hoop to connect four of your color in a row.

Circuits needed: 1

Item Dimensions: 10'W X 5'L X 8'H

Space Needed: 12' X 10'

Axe Throw $250

Inflatable Axe Throw is great fun for all ages! The inflated unit has a velcro target wall, and each axe has a velcro head. You can play alone or against another person. See who can hit the center target, or even try for the harder outer targets in green. Aim and throw, it's simple and fun.

Circuits needed: 1

Item Dimensions: 10W-14L-12H

Space Needed: 15Wx20Lx13H


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